Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Latter-day Leaders

The Prophet and his counselors,
Henry B. Eyring, Thomas S. Monson, and Dieter F Uchtodorf

As missionaries, my companion and I spend a lot of time in the car driving to and from appointments. When we are not talking about the people we are working with, we usually like to turn on the cd player and listen to something. Recently, we have switched from classic Mo-Tab (the Mormon Tabernacle Choir) and instead have been listening to talks given by leaders of our church. As I was listening intently to the inspired words of one of my favorite Apostles, Elder Bednar, I was prompted to thank the Lord for the blessing it is to have such guidance.

It is such a blessing to be led and guided by men who are called and inspired by God, namely the Prophet and his Apostles! It is proof to me how much Heavenly Father loves His children. As part of the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the reestablishment of His church, the Lord revealed to Joseph Smith how His church was and should be organized. In congruence with the New Testament, the Lord revealed that His kingdom should be led by Prophets and Apostles. In a letter to the early saints who lived in the city Ephesus, Paul explains very clearly how the church of Jesus Christ was organized. He wrote,

"And are built upon the foundation of the aapostles and bprophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief ccorner stone;"

First and foremost, these men have been called of God and are ordained to be special witnesses of Christ, but they are also inspired to give living guidance for the challenges that we face in today's ever changing world. It is comforting to know that the restored gospel of Jesus Christ includes the same organization of the primitive church (or the church that Christ himself established) which allows God himself to inspire these leaders, and tell them what dangers they should counsel us to avoid. Living guidance and continuing revelation is necessary with the challenges of today's world. In recent years prophets have spoken on the importance to get out of debt, start a food storage, and avoid rampant dangers such as pornography and illegal drugs. What a blessing it is for us to have such guidance from God today!
Here is an interview with the same apostle before mentioned, David A. Bednar, in which he talks a little about his special commission and calling.

I know that the Lord has once again restored His gospel and church through the prophet Joseph Smith. Since Joseph Smith, we have been led and guided by special men, called of God and ordained to be Prophets. Every time I listen to them speak, I know and can feel that they are teaching what Jesus Christ himself would teach us these days. How thankful I am to have such a wonderful blessing from my Father in Heaven.

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  1. Listening to these talks is such a blessing. There is so much I can learn from them! It is like reading the sriptures, every time I read, I learn something new!