Saturday, January 8, 2011

He Who is Mighty to Save

It seems like a constant theme in my life recently has been change. I feel like I have been prompted to change a ton of things in my life, and its been kind of a daunting... Not that I don't want to change, it's just hard to implement sometimes. I felt like I wasn't making all the 'fixes' fast enough... I'm not gonna lie, it was kind of getting to me. In the midst of all this inner turmoil, I turned to the scriptures and found a little gem that will stick with me forever,

"Yea, cry unto him for mercy; for he is amighty to save.
 Yea, humble yourselves, and continue in aprayer unto him."

I love how Amulek calls Christ mighty. Honestly, He would have to be "mighty to save" to do anything with a wretch like me, like I sometimes feel. I know I am doing all I can, and trying really really hard, but sometimes I feel like It just isn't enough; that no matter how hard I try, I just wont qualify for what the Savior requires. While pondering about this, I picked up a book given to us by a member of our ward and started reading. This time it really sunk in... By the mouth of two witnesses right?

"The "good news" of the gospel is good news to me not because it promises that other people who are better than I can be saved, but because it promises that I can be saved- wretched, inadequate, and imperfect me. And until I accept that possibility, until I believe Christ when he says he can bring me into his kingdom and set me on a throne, I have not really accepted the good news of the gospel" -Stephen E. Robinson, Believing Christ

The second time around, everything really fell into place for me. Mr. Robinson is right! Christ came for people like me, people who aren't perfect. The whole human race and I are all in this boat together, and the only one who can plug the hole at the bottom and keep us all from sinking into the deep ocean of spiritual abyss and nothingness is Christ. Que deep breathe and sigh of relief... To all those who have felt, or are right now feeling like I did, Amulek has the key! When we feel inadequate, call upon God, and humble yourself so that you can know what you need to do!

I add my testimony to that of Amulek's that Christ is mighty to save, that despite my personal weaknesses He can and will help me overcome. That although I have a lot wrong with me, and a lot of things I need to be better at, I'll be Ok. All we have to do is stay humble, listen to the Spirit, and move forward, constantly trying to improve, and we have His promise. Now all I ask is that you all bear with me as I try and overcome my weaknesses!

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